What Is Intimacy Coaching


What is intimacy coaching?

Intimacy coaching is for people who want to build sexual confidence, a profound connection with their bodies, and high-quality intimacy with others. Coaching is about bridging the gap between where you are at present with your desired state.

Coaching emphasizes removing inner blocks, promoting self-realization, and acquiring relevant skill sets. Coaching is not about giving advice or lecturing you. My intimacy coaching style is future-forward and action-oriented.

The services contain immersive processes, body-based practices, advanced training, and personal between-session availability.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

This is a general answer to state a key difference, not intending to cover the nuances among the professions. Many types of therapies today exist, such as cognitive-behavioral and emotionally focused therapies.

Psychotherapy generally focuses on identifying what went wrong in the past and how to fix it to bring you back to wholeness.

A sex therapist is similar to a general therapist. They listen to your problems and assess whether the cause is likely to be psychological, physical, or a combination of the two. They may also refer you to a doctor to address the medical cause of your symptoms.

Intimacy coaching, like coaching in general, focuses on desires and is forward-looking. It requires that you have a certain foundational level of emotional awareness, self-resource, and resilience.

The focus is on breaking through your limiting patterns and empowering you to take action with new awareness so you can achieve different results. Coaching is not meant to treat any medical issues, deep trauma, or PTSD. A person may work with a therapist and a coach at the same time to address different issues.

Do I need a partner to do the work?

My private coaching is customizable for individuals and couples, respectively. You can do the work as an individual and don't need a partner. You could be single, dating, in a relationship, or any status in between.

Strengthening the inner connection with your body, sexuality, emotions, and mind creates a solid foundation for your existing and future partnerships.

The better you connect with your desires, pleasure, and body, the better you can relate and share with others. I also offer workshops for individuals, couples, and groups.

Do you offer one-time sessions?

Yes. I offer a one-time consultation session. I cover a specific topic and related issues in a session according to your needs. You can send your inquiry to jin@theladyjin.com.

Consider that a one-time consultation is like plumbing work, which is great for addressing a specific issue or learning a new skill.

Coaching is similar to a kitchen renovation project that requires strategy, communication, design, and implementation over time. My coaching is usually 4-6 months long and provides a custom solution and in-depth support.

Is Tantra mostly about sex?

Tantra is an Eastern philosophy that emerged in India around the 6th century. Tantra advocates mindfulness, love, and spiritual alignment. It guides people to utilize breathing, movement, and meditation to achieve self-realization and body-mind-spirit connection.

Neotantra, known as Tantric sexuality, is the Western interpretation of Tantra. It applies Tantric practices to intimate connection. Through these practices, people experience increased energy flow, sensation, and presence, which improves the quality of sex and intimacy.

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in my service

My pronouns are she/her. I support the diversity of genders, sexual orientations, and human bodies. I honor the nuanced language for that diversity.

My life experience has guided me to primarily support cis-gender folks. Hence I acknowledge the use of gendered language throughout my site. I continue to deepen my education in gender, body, and sexuality. When a prospective client expresses a need for specific diversity-related support, I happily consult with or refer them to colleagues with relevant experience to provide in-depth information.

What is your coaching style?

My style falls in the somatic coaching category. My coaching combines ancient Eastern Tantra and Taoism with modern science-based sexuality studies, neuroscience, and trauma education. My personal style is compassionate, direct, and caring.

Somatic coaching emphasizes body awareness, movement, and body-mind integration. It is very different from traditional cognitive methods.

Somatic coaching is relatively new compared to talk or mind-based coaching. If you have also heard of embodiment coaching or body-based coaching, these terms all describe a coaching style that engages body wisdom rather than processing verbally or analysis.

How much time do I need to invest in coaching?

Individual coaching consists of monthly sessions and home practices. The estimated time for solo home practices will start from 10-15 minutes a day in the first month and change to 3-4 times a week for about 30 minutes in the following months. The practice time frame for couples coaching varies by case.

I design the home practices according to each person's needs and style. There is no upper limit on how much time you can put into your self-growth. I am mindful of making the home practices in between sessions rewarding and achievable. I will provide optional practice and reading as a bonus. You also have access to me via voice messages, text, and emails for check-in and questions.

What is your protocol for video coaching?

A private coaching session is 60-90 minutes long for individuals or 120 minutes for couples. The duration and frequency are designed based on the coachee's learning style and needs.

All video sessions are conducted with clothes on. Briefly, a session will consist of an opening practice, an in-depth process, a wrap-up with takeaways, and home practice assignments.

What is your background?

I grew up in mainland China and completed my business graduate education (MBA) in the U.S. I spent sixteen years in corporate America as a business management professional. I speak English and Mandarin Chinese fluently and professionally.

After thousands of hours of coach training and body-based practice, I changed my career to coaching. One of my strengths is to express complex concepts in simple terms and metaphors.

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