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Seven Ways To Support A Highly Sensitive Person In Love

highly sensitive people in love
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Do you have a sensitive nature? or are you in love with a highly sensitive person?

Do you sense others' feelings easily and feel responsible for them?

Is your nervous system sensitive to stimuli and require lots of downtimes to replenish?

Do you feel overwhelmed by what you consider "rough" people or overt expressions of anger?

Do you value empathy? Are you considered a great listener?

Chances are you already know you are a sensitive soul in no small part because people have told you.

Sensitives often first find out that maybe their sensitive nature isn't fully accepted when they hear the words, "you are too sensitive."

Sensitives, sometimes gradually and sometimes abruptly, learn that their nature doesn't have a place in the mainstream, high-speed, cut-throat culture that dominates our world today.

The Gift Of Sensitive Person

The disheartening thing about this is that sensitives have many unique and invaluable gifts to offer that can be easily overlooked. What's worse is that when the messaging of mainstream culture penetrates the sensitive's psyche, it can create pressure to conform and reject what is most special about them.

One of the places this is likely to show up is in our love and relationships. Intimacy is a place where the sensitive shines. They are attentive to their partner's needs, deeply feeling, sensorially receptive, generous, and empathetic.

When the sensitive has lost touch with the beauty of their feeling nature, it can be hard to connect to the body, relish pleasure, and speak up for what they want and need. What can result is resentment, a disconnect with their sexual prowess, difficulty recovering from emotional slights, a tendency to ruminate and brood, and exhaustion or burnout. How to support a highly sensitive person in love? A few things to know first

Sensitivity is a precious gift that should be celebrated, not pushed to the edges of our culture.

Sensitives are keenly aware of life and love's nuance and subtle beauty. As a partner, they will see what is most notable about you as their lover and highlight it. The sensitives adore intimacy, aren't afraid of being with you in your deepest feelings, and will support you with your fears and sadness.

Sensitive people are deeply caring and genuinely warm. Their sensitivity makes them receptive to deep levels of pleasure, and you can be sure their heart will be online for lovemaking.

The sensitive can read you and anticipate your needs making them an excellent friend and steadfast support system.

Sensitive people also tend to dance easily in the world of subtle energy and spiritual insight. This can make sex and love even more exciting, electric, and connective.

So, what can sensitives do to draw out their unique radiance, live in full confidence, and love from their deep well of beauty and receptivity? How can you support yourself or a partner as a highly sensitive person?

The seven things are


You have a sensitive nervous system, which is not bad; it means you feel things deeply, and your body tells you quickly when something is uncomfortable or inappropriate for you.

However, it would help if you also had a lot of relaxation time, something others may not understand or approve of. Claim this replenishment as a necessity. This recuperation time puts you at your best later and unleashes your strength of being a caring, calm, and healing presence for your sweetie.


Because an intense world can overstimulate you and any stressors that are showing up in your love relationship, your body demands physical nourishment. Embrace your sensitive superpower by delighting in all your senses.

Bring awareness and joy to your sensations by eating a delicious meal and savoring every flavor. Ask your sweetie for slow, tender touch that is NOT a precursor to sex. Smell an essential oil, flower, or other scents that allow your body to melt in relaxation.

Play calming meditation music or music of your choice that you find regenerative. Look out your window and notice what makes your eyes really happy to look at.


Because you can be an overthinker, which compounds any painful feelings you may be experiencing in your relationship, you need ways to quickly and easily release the momentum of the mind.

As a sensitive, you easily access the subtle energy healing realms. A regular regimen to balance and soothe your energy body will keep you healthy, joyful, and energized!

Send your mental energy to the earth by walking barefoot on grass, dancing, receiving bodywork, connecting to your root chakra, and practicing Tai Chi, Yoga, or energy medicine.


The first step to standing up for your needs is knowing what they are. When you feel burnt out or resentful, chances are you have overlooked your own needs. Instead of freaking out, get curious.

How do I feel at this moment?

What am I needing right now?

Do I need rest, love, acknowledgment, or support?

Sometimes just acknowledging your needs is enough to bring you ease and disperse any emotional charge.


With sensitivity often comes a lot of self-awareness. But this can also turn into self-absorption and self-pity.

To get out of victimhood, think about what could meet your unmet needs and take steps to address them. Is there something you want to request of yourself? Is there something you could ask of your partner or a 3rd party? We often don't get what we want because we haven't been clear and direct. We have to speak up and do so regularly.

If your partner can't meet your need, don't give up after one no! Find creative ways to get your needs met no matter what. Don't count on one person to be the only source for your solution.


If speaking up for your needs is still too scary, you can get yourself ready by harnessing the power of the mind. Direct your thoughts toward the felt sense of how it would be to receive what you most want.

Imagine your desire in your mind´s eye in full technicolor; see it, feel it, touch it, hear it, taste it. Soak it in. This step will align you with what you want and prime you for advocating for yourself in the future.


Sensitives are often turned on by the energetics of sex. You just love the anticipation! You may also need some grounding to come down into your body, relax an active mind, and soothe any muscle contraction that inhibits sensitivity and connection.

Tune into your lower belly and genitals and notice any subtle movement or sensations. Where awareness goes, energy flows. Can you sense femininity as it shows up in the body? And where can you locate your masculinity in the body? To ground, ask your partner for slow, firm strokes all over your body.

Contrary to what you may have been told as a child, there is nothing wrong with your sensitive heart. The world needs you now more than ever to be exactly who you are.


Here you have it! How to support highly sensitive person in love? Knowing that your deeply feeling nature is a healing force that has a powerful influence from humble roots. The more deeply you embrace your natural gifts, the more explosive pleasure you will access, the more poignant love you will live, and the greater your abundance will create!

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