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What My Clients Say

Watch what my clients are experiencing after saying “Yes!” to my support to create their unique breakthroughs. The impact extends beyond just love and intimacy to all relationships!

As our inner connection influences how we present ourselves in all aspects of life. Addressing the obstacles to deep self-love and self-trust is a direct path of cultivating authentic, grounded awareness, and confidence.

“Working with Jin has an enormous impact on the way I relate to my relationships. I get more intimacy and more energy. I feel much more powerful in all aspects of my life, not in a macho way but in an effortless way. Now I have much greater ways of attracting and nourishing intimacy in my life. It is almost a kind of magic result I attribute to working with her.”


Creative Director

“I worked with Jin for a few months, and it was a life-altering experience. A fundamental breakthrough is finding and recognizing my inner source. Now I am never in a place of lack. To recognize my inner power is an incredible breakthrough. It has an absolutely positive influence on my love life, sex, and relationships.”


Performance Artist

I discovered my blind spots and limiting beliefs while working with Jin. I learned Tantric and Taoism practices to uplift my energy and boost my sex life. Jin is fantastic at holding a safe and shame-free space. I feel open to expressing my challenges and desires.

My favorite part is her holistic approach in combining neuroscience, Tantra, and much more. The practices are customized for my needs and easy to follow. She is very professional and approachable. I highly recommend her.

Mr. Wong


Working with Jin on the relationship with myself brought me a lot of insights and self realization. Jin is professional, passionate, mindful and intelligent throughout our sessions. She is also diligent in her follow up and communications.

She assigned tailored exercises specific to my needs between session which helped me integrate my new way of being into my everyday life. I gained tremendous inner peace and became much calmer in approaching self discovery. Thank you, Jin!


VP, Product Strategy

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“Before I started working with Jin, I was stressed out in my relationship and felt anxious in my work environment.

Now my romantic relationship life is a lot healthier and I feel naturally confident at my work and in all my relationships.

I highly recommend her! The result I got is beyond my expectation.”



“I was stuck in a negative feedback loop where the body response would lead to negative thoughts, which would lead to another body response. I was really desperate to do anything that could break this cycle. I really recommend Jin. She’s amazing and warm. I hope she’s able to help you find the peace, just like she did with me.


Tech Developer

Jin was incredibly joyful and supportive. She is very intuitive and helped me to clearly identify some blockages that have been holding me back.

In the exercises, I was amazed to feel the power of physically moving my body in different ways as a gateway to deeper insights in my mind. I felt very supported in the sessions and loved how much space and warmth Jin provided.


VP, Digital Products

Jin’s coaching brought me a lot of clarity in my life that I had been subconsciously avoiding for quite some time. She was so professional, kind, flexible, intuitive, and understanding within our sessions and in our follow-up.

The insight that I was able to gain through working with her, and the connection that she helped grow between myself and my physical being, are things that I will be taking forward as I continue to navigate life.


Int’l Education Professional

“We began the process with Jin a few months ago, and we’re highly satisfied. I came to Jin with my wife after having real difficulties in recent years in sexual alignment and communication.  The conversations with Jin and the session were eye-opening. We found our sync again, we’re able to speak to each other in a clearer and simple language, and we understand much more that we have different types of sexual wirings, and that requires adjustments from both sides. 

Since our session, the frequency of our sex encounters jumped. We spent a few hours with Jin in person and there is no replacement for that guidance with mere online calls. She was empathetic, sensible, and considerate, and helped us to open up very quickly to her and to each other. Can’t recommend Jin enough!”


Senior Executive

“My partner and I had an immersion with Jin, and the experience was excellent. She tailored the session based on our needs and learning styles. We felt safe exploring intimate topics, learning new touch skills, and opening up to deep listening and authentic relating.

The session was in-depth and diverse. We walked away with memorable experiences and practical techniques for communication, touch, and intimate connection. We are satisfied customers and highly recommend her to any couples who want to build better intimacy.”



“My wife surprised me with a couples initial coaching session with Jin for my birthday. Jin created a safe space for growth and expansion.

She is thorough, knowledgeable and intuitive. My wife and I highly recommend working with her. Thank you for your gifts!”


Public Educator and Speaker

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“I have done a lot of personal development work for years but couldn’t figure out why things were falling apart.

Jin was so intuitive, compassionate, and gently uncovering what was going on in me. Now my life is exquisite. I feel a sense of power, can make things happen, and have peace and joy.”


Strategic EA

“Working with Jin has taken my self-work to a new level. The thing I love the most was her simple and empowering techniques that really helped me love my body and dig into my deep desires. Now I feel 100% worthy of my love and desires. It has been a very healing and liberating experience for me.”


Healthcare Professional

“I came to Jin with a lot of anxiety regarding intimacy, and I found myself avoiding sex. I had no idea how to speak up for my desires and had a lot of self-doubt. After working with Jin, I have gained so much confidence in connecting with my body, pleasure, and desires.

I learned how I participate in sex and staying present, rather being ‘in my head’ or overthinking. Jin uses a holistic approach to address our mind, body awareness, pleasure, and erotic energy. I highly recommend her! ”



“The concept of Somatic therapy is completely new to me. I stepped out of her coaching with high confidence level and a clearer mind. Jin apparently tailored her coaching based on my special needs, built the foundation for later deep dive and my trust to the exercises that she provided.

She’s very sharp in pointing out the specifics in my personality and soft skills, gave good suggestions on where and how to improve. “


Financial Professional


I highly recommend Jin! She is a compassionate, insightful and wise sex coach. Pleasure education is so needed, and it’s difficult to find a practitioner who is knowledgeable, safe, inspiring and easy to learn from. Jin is all of those!

Her style is interactive, experiential, and educational, and I came away with several AHA’s!! She creates a caring and shame-free, judgment-free space, where it’s easy to speak on taboo topics, to have a felt-sense experience, and learn how to let more pleasure into my life and have better relationships.”


I had one session with Jin to clear the resistance to connect with my body and sensuality. I found the session to be deeply powerful both during the session and afterward.

It helped me to gain profound clarity around a certain area of my life where I had not been living in alignment with my truth and helped me to move into more alignment.

I would encourage anyone who is curious to give this method with Jin a try and to trust the process! It was truly transformational for me.”


I attended Jin’s Erotic Blueprint online session. It opened my eyes to learn about the different erotic types and understand there are so much potential to enhance my intimate connections.

Intimacy is not an easy topics even with loved ones, but Jin has a special gift to engage her audience and makes you feel safe and comfortable to open up.

She truly cares. I highly recommend her if you hope to open up possibilities for a more enjoyable love life.