Sexual Confidence Coaching

Are you lacking confidence in sex, love and relationships?

worthy of love

Sexual confidence is the core of our aliveness. You may be well-established in your business and career but feel something is stuck or broken in your connection with sexuality.

The surface issues may be performance anxiety, fear of intimacy, disconnection from pleasure, decreased libido, or orgasmic dysfunctions.

You may feel unseen and experience overwhelming emotions but are challenged to express your desires, wants, and needs clearly and fully.

Moreover, you know what you don’t want BUT can’t articulate what you want in the bedroom.  Intimacy and sex become a source of anxiety and something you have no control over.

It is hard to convert assertiveness and creativity from other areas into intimacy. You know it is not a physical issue; rather, emotional and mental blocks prevent you from accessing your inner confidence.

The experience is common in the fast-paced and goal-oriented environment, where many people live in their heads and disconnect from their bodies and sexual energy. The result is there may be a lot of achievements on the outside but very little fulfillment inside.

Sexual energy is not just sex. It is an essential component of our life force to fuel our aliveness and creativity.

Sexual confidence coaching is a way to support you restore the connection to sexual energy and pleasure, and cultivating expression in sex and relationships, hence creating a positive ripple effect in your life.

What Is Sexual Confidence?

Sexual confidence is not from the head or the mind. It is not just from cognitive understanding or knowing.

It appears in the relationship with our bodies, emotional connection and physical intimacy. When you are confident with your body and sexuality, you

  • Are grounded and centered to speak up for your wants and desires

  • Honor your needs, and have clear yes and no without hiding or withdrawal

  • Feel safe and have permission for your emotion and expressions in a wide range

  • Embrace the nuances of your pleasure and experience erotic freedom and creativity

  • Cultivate intimacy and quality connections

  • Acknowledge your turn-on and turn-off and your partner’s as well

  • Value your sensitivity as a great lover instead of criticizing yourself from feeling too much

Sexual confidence is fueled by the connection with your sexual energy, narratives on sexuality, education on arousal and pleasure, plus erotic skills.

My coaching puts the key elements together and aligns the body and mind for lasting fulfillment in intimacy.

Have you tried one of these ways but reached a ceiling?

Books or Self-Study Courses

Information alone doesn’t hold you accountable for taking action or give personal guidance when resistances occurs. You likely gave up and reinforced the neural pathways for despair that say the change you want so much isn’t going to happen for you.

Talk Therapy or Cognitive Methods

Talk therapy is beneficial for many. However, only a fraction of your brain is used for conscious thought.

It is difficult to rewire your patterns until you access the level of the body and energy field where the majority of your unconscious emotional material lives.

A Treatment for Physical Symptoms

Are there any medical reasons that cause orgasmic dysfunction or detachment from intimacy? If not, the issue is likely hidden in the emotional and somatic layers. True and lasting relief comes from unblocking energy trapped in unhelpful emotional patterns.

How Can Sexual Confidence Coaching Help?

A holistic methodology that connects mind, body, and energy

A somatic (body-based) approach that promotes self-realization and erotic power

A shame-free space where you process the unspoken struggles and desires

A dedicated source of support that holds you accountable for taking actions

A proven solution that creates consistent progress and saves you time in trial and error

Coaching Process

The coaching process addresses four core areas – mind, emotion, body, and eroticism.

Clients work with me either in a series of sessions throughout a few months or fast track intensives. Session can be online or in-person session in New York City.

The coaching process includes 1:1 sessions, educational videos, somatic practices, notes, and support via voice message and emails.

The structure combines in-depth work and 1:1 support in-between to integrate the breakthroughs into your daily life and create lasting changes.


  • Explore the unmet needs and shadow
  • Rewire limiting beliefs about your body and sexuality
  • Reparent your inner child
  • Uplift your sense of deservingness and worthiness


  • Uncover the suppressed emotion
  • Untangle overwhelming thinking and processing
  • Ignite your inner empowering parts for safety and emotional support


  • Strengthen your capacity for grounding and centeredness
  • Detect and honor your needs and boundaries
  • Engage your body to process tension


  • Use Tantra and Taoist arts to channel sexual energy and build erotic skills
  • Reduce the pleasure obstacles
  • Discover your pleasure map and conscious self-pleasure

This Coaching Is For You If

  • You feel a big bottleneck in your sex, love, and relationships and can’t solve it in the same ways you achieve success at work.

  • You have done mind-based self-development work, cognitive methods, or talk therapy, but feel a disconnection between your mind and body.

  • You have mental or emotional blockages, which result in orgasmic function issues and a lack of confidence and pleasure in intimacy.

  • You want to be a wonderful lover and to feel empowered in your sexuality.

  • You want to raise awareness of your sexual energy as life force and have freedom in erotic expression.

  • You are committed to taking radical responsibility for your inner revolution and investing time to achieve your desires.

This Coaching Is Not For You If

  • You have severe trauma, mental health conditions, disorders, addictions, or depression. I suggest you work with a specialized therapist or doctor first. I am a trauma-informed coach, not a trauma specialist.

  • You only want a mind-based or talk method and have little interest in engaging in any form of body-based practices.

  • You primarily seek a quick fix to address your challenges. (FYI, I teach practical tools, but they are more than just a quick fix.)

  • You don’t want to take responsibility for your growth and believe other people, e.g., your partner, should change first.

  • You are wishy-washy about achieving your goals and desires. A coach can’t want things more than you want them for yourself.


Chris, Creative Director

“I get more intimacy and more energy. I feel much more powerful in all aspects of my life, not in a macho way but in an effortless way. Now I have much greater ways of attracting and nourishing intimacy in my life. It is almost a kind of magic result I attribute to working with her.”

Sonia, Performance Artist

“A fundamental breakthrough is finding and recognizing my inner source. Now I am never in a place of lack. To recognize my inner power is an incredible breakthrough. It has an absolutely positive influence on my love life, sex, and relationships.”

Karina, Healthcare Professional

her simple and empowering techniques that really helped me love my body and dig into my deep desires. Now for sure, I feel 100% worthy of my love and desires. It has been a very healing and liberating experience for me.

Priti, Strategic EA

“Jin was so intuitive, compassionate, and gently uncovering what was going on in me. Now my life is exquisite. I feel a sense of power, can make things happen, and have peace and joy.”


Jin was incredibly joyful and supportive. She is very intuitive and helped me to clearly identify some blockages that have been holding me back.

In the exercises, I was amazed to feel the power of physically moving my body in different ways as a gateway to deeper insights in my mind. I felt very supported in the sessions and loved how much space and warmth Jin provided.


VP, Digital Transformation

Jin’s coaching brought me a lot of clarity in my life that I had been subconsciously avoiding for quite some time. She was so professional, kind, flexible, intuitive, and understanding within our sessions and in our follow-up.

The insight that I was able to gain through working with her, and the connection that she helped grow between myself and my physical being, are things that I will be taking forward as I continue to navigate life.


Int’l Education Professional

I discovered my blind spots and limiting beliefs while working with Jin. I learned Tantric and Taoism practices to uplift my energy and boost my sex life. Jin is fantastic at holding a safe and shame-free space. I feel open to expressing my challenges and desires.

My favorite part is her holistic approach in combining neuroscience, Tantra, and much more. The practices are customized for my needs and easy to follow. She is very professional and approachable. I highly recommend her.

Mr. Wong


Working with Jin on the relationship with myself brought me a lot of insights and self realization. Jin is professional, passionate, mindful and intelligent throughout our sessions. She is also diligent in her follow up and communications.

She assigned tailored exercises specific to my needs between session which helped me integrate my new way of being into my everyday life. I gained tremendous inner peace and became much calmer in approaching self discovery. Thank you, Jin!


VP, Product Strategy