Sexual Confidence And Healing

How Well Do You Connect To Your Body?

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  • Do you find yourself primarily in a state of doing and thinking, leading you to lose touch with your sensuality?

  • Are you confident in your career and social interactions, yet plagued by anxiety or fear when it comes to intimacy?

  • Are you questioning whether you’re normal or if your body is somehow broken because you’re not achieving the pleasure or orgasms you desire?

  • Have you ever felt that reading more books and engaging intalk therapies enriches your thinking but doesn’t lead to significant changes in your actions?

  • Are you feeling stuck when it comes to expressing your likes and desires in the bedroom?

Body connection is much more beyond diet, workout and sleep. Body wisdom and sexual energy are vital to our aliveness and creativity. Addressing challenges like performance anxiety, fear of intimacy, or low sexual confidence has an impact on all aspects of your life, not confined to the bedroom or romantic relationships.

Sexual confidence coaching is a way to support you restore the connection to sexual energy, and cultivating authentic self-expression and confidence, hence creating a positive ripple effect in your life.

Sexual Energy And Confidence

Sexual Confidence is not from cognitive understanding or knowing. It shows through how we carry our energy, presence, and body. When you are confident with your body and sexuality, you

  • Are grounded and centered to speak up for your wants and desires
  • Honor your needs, and have clear yes and no without hiding or withdrawal
  • Feel safe and have permission for your emotions and expressions
  • Embrace the nuances of your pleasure and experience erotic freedom and creativity
  • Acknowledge your turn-on and turn-off and your partner’s as well

Often people seek for sexy skills or try one of the ways below to get there. They see improvements however soon reach a ceiling because… (keep reading)

Books or Self-Study Courses

Information alone doesn’t ensure action or provide personal guidance for overcoming resistance. You might have given up, reinforcing neural pathways of despair that suggest the change you desire won’t happen for you.

Talk Therapy or Cognitive Methods

Talk therapy is vital and helps many people. But only a fraction of your brain engages in conscious thought. To rewire patterns, you need to tap into the body and energy field where most unconscious emotions reside.

Medical Treatment

Any medical reasons for orgasmic dysfunction or intimacy detachment? If not, the problem may be in emotional and somatic layers. True relief comes from unblocking trapped energy in unhelpful emotional patterns.

I Helped Them Address The Issues Holistically

I discovered my blind spots and limiting beliefs while working with Jin. I learned Tantric and Taoism practices to uplift my energy and boost my sex life.

Jin is fantastic at holding a safe and shame-free space. I feel open to expressing my challenges and desires. My favorite part is her holistic approach in combining neuroscience, Tantra, and much more. The practices are customized for my needs and easy to follow. She is very professional and approachable. I highly recommend her.

Mr. Wong


“I came to Jin with a lot of anxiety regarding intimacy, and I found myself avoiding sex. I had no idea how to speak up for my desires and had a lot of self-doubt. After working with Jin, I have gained so much confidence in connecting with my body, pleasure, and desires.

I learned how I participate in sex and staying present, rather being ‘in my head’ or overthinking. Jin uses a holistic approach to address our mind, body awareness, pleasure, and erotic energy. I highly recommend her! ”



“I worked with Jin for a few months, and it was a life-altering experience. A fundamental breakthrough is finding and recognizing my inner source. Now I am never in a place of lack. To recognize my inner power is an incredible breakthrough. It has an absolutely positive influence on my love life, sex, and relationships.”


Performance Artist

“Before I started working with Jin, I was stressed out in my relationship and felt anxious in my work environment.

Now my romantic relationship life is a lot healthier and I feel naturally confident at my work and in all my relationships.

I highly recommend her! The result I got is beyond my expectation.”



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“Working with Jin has an enormous impact on the way I relate to my relationships. I get more intimacy and more energy. I feel much more powerful in all aspects of my life, not in a macho way but in an effortless way. Now I have much greater ways of attracting and nourishing intimacy in my life. It is almost a kind of magic result I attribute to working with her.”


Creative Director

“I have done a lot of personal development work for years but couldn’t figure out why things were falling apart.

Jin was so intuitive, compassionate, and gently uncovering what was going on in me. Now my life is exquisite. I feel a sense of power, can make things happen, and have peace and joy.”


Strategic EA

Why Does My Approach Work?

What May Be Under The Water?

Sexuality and body confidence issues stem from deep wounds and stubborn negative self-talk. Therefore, to attain profound pleasure, epic sex, and deep intimacy, various aspects and layers must be addressed and harmonized.

Emotional blocks and limiting beliefs must be confronted and rewired; otherwise, how-to tips, sex toys, and beautiful lingerie merely act as band-aids, leading to increasing frustration over time.

That’s why I developed The Art of Self-Intimacy Framework, aligning body, mind, and erotic energy. This comprehensive approach tackles underlying issues holistically, enabling lasting changes instead of mere band-aids.

The framework incorporates tools from modern sexuality studies, including the Erotic Blueprintâ„¢, neuroscience research, and Eastern wisdom like Tantra and Taoism.

The somatic practices, pleasure techniques, and sex communication in the framework has brought benefits to clients aged from their mid-20s to their late 70s! It serves as the essential pathway for individuals seeking confidence, sexual liberation, and genuine expression in love, sex, and relationships. It also forms the cornerstone for couples’ work.

  • Creating Emotional Safety (The foundational aspect)
  • Embodying Self-love (key enabler 1 ) AND Integrating Shadow (key enabler 2)
  • Uncovering Pleasure (The sexy outcome)

I offer both series of sessions spanning 4-6 months and fast-track immersions. Sessions are online or in-person in New York City. The coaching process provides robust support through 1:1 sessions, somatic practice guidance, voice messages, and email support.

You’ll seamlessly integrate tools, new mindsets, and habits into your daily routine for ongoing success. If you’re seeking an effective solution with lasting results,