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Sex and Intimacy Coaching Introduction Session

The introduction offer is a one-time session to target specific issue(s) so you address burning questions and experience my style and service.

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  • 90 minutes Sex and Intimacy Coaching on a specific subject online or in-person
  • 90 minutes session on anxiety or fear related to body, relationship, or performance
  • 3.5-hour Erotic Blueprint or Tantra Immersion For Couples In-person in NYC



I had one session with Jin to clear the resistance to connect with my body and sensuality. I found the session to be deeply powerful both during the session and afterward.

It helped me to gain profound clarity around a certain area of my life where I had not been living in alignment with my truth and helped me to move into more alignment.

Jin held me through all of it with an incredible balance of compassion as well as knowing when to gently push me through resistance and story to the next level of insight.

I would encourage anyone who is curious to give this method with Jin a try and to trust the process! It was truly transformational for me.”


I attended Jin’s Erotic Blueprint online session. It opened my eyes to learn about the different erotic types and understand there are so much potential to enhance my intimate connections.

It is way different and much more profound than what traditional media has been showing to us. What impressed me most are Jin’s professionalism, passion and energy.

Intimacy is not an easy topics even with loved ones, but Jin has a special gift to engage her audience and makes you feel safe and comfortable to open up.

I can tell she truly cares and wants to help others overcome their obstacles and acquire the pleasure they deserve. I highly recommend her if you hope to open up possibilities for a more enjoyable love life.


I highly recommend Jin! She is a compassionate, insightful and wise sex coach.

Pleasure education is so needed, and it’s difficult to find a practitioner who is knowledgeable, safe, inspiring and easy to learn from. Jin is all of those! She is clearly passionate about the topic.

Her style is interactive, experiential, and educational, and I came away with several AHA’s!! She provided guided practices that allowed me to experience, at a felt level, the different types of erotic blueprint types.

She creates a caring and shame-free, judgment-free space, where it’s easy to speak on taboo topics, to have a felt-sense experience, and learn how to let more pleasure into my life and have better relationships.”


“The concept of Somatic therapy is completely new to me. I stepped out of her coaching with high confidence level and a clearer mind.”

Jin apparently tailored her coaching based on my special needs, built the foundation for later deep dive and my trust to the exercises that she provided.

She’s very sharp in pointing out the specifics in my personality and soft skills, gave good suggestions on where and how to improve. “

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Private Coaching On Sex and Intimacy

A Proven Solution with Dedicated Support

Transformation happens over time in the loving presence and care of people who relate to your experience and have walked the path. Heal in connection with curated guidance.

A Holistic Approach to Address Mind, Body and Sexuality

We rewire limiting beliefs, liberate suppressed emotions, explore erotic styles, align the mind-body connection in your sexuality, and cultivate the linkage of sexual energy, life force, and awareness (spirit).

In-Depth Session, Tailored Practices and Strategy

Private coaching is a multi-month process with practices and guidance in between sessions. The sessions and practices are tailored for your focus, desire, and learning style, not a one-size-fits-all.

Online Course –

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough

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A Course For Singles And Couples

5000+ students have enrolled in the course as of early 2022

Erotic Freedom Club Membership

Meet like-minded people in a global community to build connection

Ongoing Monthly Group Calls

Ongoing Q&A and coaching calls on sex tips and pleasure mastery

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