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On Confidence And Intimacy

Support Individuals To Claim Pleasure And Authentic Expression

I am passionate about helping people build confidence in love, sex, and relationships. Growing up, most of us had little idea how to connect with our emotions and sexuality. As a result, many people hide their sensitivity and feel unseen, lost, defeated, and frustrated.

You are a great creator when you own the light side of your sensitive nature and avoid being weighed down by the shadow. It is time to cultivate self-mastery with your body-mind, claim your power and stand out as a confident lover and leader!

Help Couples Ignite Passion in Intimacy

Imagine if you applied the love art, Tantra, that existed for thousands of years and modern erotic practices to your love, sex, and relationships! I combine Tantric sexuality and Erotic Blueprintâ„¢ in my intimacy coaching to address challenges faced by heterosexual couples, such as mismatched libido, lack of intimacy in a loving relationship, communication issues on sex and desires.

Erotic Blueprint is a modern framework known as the language for sex and pleasure, featured in the Netflix series, “Sex, love &Goop” . Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy that addresses love, connection, and liberation. In the West, neo-tantra, also known as Tantric sexuality, has gained recognition as a sacred and meaningful way to experience intimate connection.

life is your creation

My Coaching

A Proven Solution with Dedicated Support

Transformation happens over time in the loving presence and care of people who relate to your experience and have walked the path. Heal in connection with curated guidance.

A Holistic Approach to Address Mind, Body and Sexuality

We rewire limiting beliefs, liberate suppressed emotions, explore erotic styles, align the mind-body connection in your sexuality, and cultivate the linkage of sexual energy, life force, and awareness (spirit).

In-Depth Session, Tailored Practices and Strategy

The sessions and practices are tailored for your focus, desire, and learning style, not a one-size-fits-all. Your will receive customized practices and guidance in between sessions.

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