Intimacy Coaching

With Somatic Healing And Pleasure

Online And New York In-Person Services

For Individuals

Are you looking for a body-oriented, trauma-educated provider to support you on intimacy issues? As a sex and intimacy coach in New York, I provide in-person and online services to people who want to go beyond the talk therapy-based approaches to deepen authentic connection with their body, sexuality, and self-awareness. It is time to cultivate self-mastery with your body, claim your power, and stand out as a confident lover and leader!

For Couples

Do you love and respect your partner, but the intimate connection and sex life are not satisfying? I combine Tantric sexuality and Erotic Blueprintâ„¢ in coaching to address challenges faced by couples, such as mismatched libido, lack of intimacy in a loving relationship, and communication issues regarding sex and desires.

Erotic Blueprint is a modern framework known as the language for sex and pleasure, featured in the Netflix series, "Sex, love &Goop". Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy that addresses love, connection, and liberation. In the West, neo-tantra, also known as Tantric sexuality, has gained recognition as a sacred and meaningful way to experience intimate connection.

In-Person Workshop in New York

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You are welcome to join workshops in NYC with like-minded people. My workshop holds a small size group. The past topics were "Introduction to Tantra Sexuality", "How to Bridge Mismatched Desires", "Sacred Female Pleasure", and "Tantric Connection and Energy Play". Emotional safety and consent are key in all my events.

life is your creation

Somatic Coaching For Love, Sex and Relationship

A Proven Solution with Dedicated Support

Transformation happens over time in the loving presence and care of people who relate to your experience and have walked the path. Heal in connection with curated guidance.

A Holistic Approach to Address Mind, Body and Sexuality

We rewire limiting beliefs, liberate suppressed emotions, explore erotic styles, align the mind-body connection in your sexuality, and cultivate the linkage of sexual energy, life force, and awareness.

In-Depth Session and Tailored Practices

The sessions and practices are tailored to your focus, desire, and learning style, not a one-size-fits-all. You will receive customized practices and guidance in between sessions.

Articles and Resources on Intimacy and Empowerment

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