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Private Coaching and In-person Intensives

A Proven Solution with Dedicated Support

Transformation happens over time in the loving presence and care of people who relate to your experience and have walked the path. Heal in connection with curated guidance.

A Holistic Approach to Address Mind, Emotion, Sexuality, and Energy

We rewire limiting beliefs, liberate suppressed emotions, explore erotic styles, align the mind-body connection in your sexuality, and cultivate the linkage of sexual energy, life force, and awareness (spirit).

In-Depth Session, Tailored Practices and Strategy

Private coaching is a multi-month process with practices in between sessions. The in-person intensive is one day or a multi-day immersion. Both are tailored for your focus, desire, and learning style, not a one-size-fits-all.


The workshop is an interactive introduction with guided practices on one subject, e.g., Tantra, Erotic Blueprint, or Female Sexuality.

A 2-3 hour workshop is great for private learning, a couple's session, or a group class. Send your inquiry to

Tantric Connection, Touch and Sexuality
  • Learn the air, water, earth and fire touches for pleasure
  • Intimacy for healing and nourishment without performance pressure
  • Incorporate the foundation of sacred sexuality into your love life
Discover and Embody Your Erotic Blueprints
  • Uncover your blueprint with embodied practices (go beyond the quiz!)
  • Exam the light and shadow sides of each blueprint type in you and your partner
  • Learn the expression of each type for better connection and sexual confidence
Female Sexuality
  • Female anatomy of arousal and orgasms
  • The intimate desire, fear, love and boundary communication
  • Yoni massage 101

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

The official online course on Erotic Blueprint

5000+ students have enrolled in the course as of early 2022

Exclusive access to Erotic Freedom Club, globally

Meet like-minded people in a global community to build connection

Embodiment teaching and monthly group learning

Ongoing Q&A and coaching calls on sex tips and pleasure mastery

Free Resource


Articles about mind-body connection, intimacy, and Highly Sensitive People (HSP)


The YouTube channel on body wisdom, intimacy and confidence

Podcast and Interview

Pleasure of Asian Women

What does it look like for Asian women to own their pleasure?

Befriend Your body

The body is magic. How to befriend your body?

Irresistible Women

What makes a woman irresistible?

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