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More than 1.4M people globally have discovered their Erotic Blueprint Type by taking the Erotic Blueprint Quiz.


Over 5,000 students have enrolled in the course worldwide for growth and transformation.


800+ minutes of videos in the core modules guide you through the pleasure journey

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What is Erotic Blueprint™

The Erotic Blueprint is a framework to uncover your sex language and your body's pleasure map. It is featured in the Netflix series "Sex, Love & Goop" in over 190 countries in 32 languages. Check out the media coverage below. Jin studied directly with the founder, Jaiya, and is certified in the Erotic Blueprint coaching methodology.

Some of us have learned all sorts of business, science, and computer programming languages, but have you had education in the language of sex and pleasure? The answer is probably no. In a relationship, it is not surprising that often intimacy and sex fade away. With time, issues such as a libido mismatch, disconnection in intimacy, and misaligned desires show up.

You may feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled in sex but don't know how to articulate what you want physically and emotionally. The connection with one's sexuality represents our self-esteem and the self-acceptance of emotional needs and erotic desires.

Media Coverage

Erotic Blueprints on Netflix Trailer

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

The 8-week signature course is created by the Erotic Blueprint founder, Jaiya and her partner, Ian. It is designed to help you make big breakthroughs in your love and intimate life, whether you are single or have a partner. This is a great choice for self-motivated people who want to learn and practice the tools at their own pace. You can check out the course description here.

Over 5000 people worldwide have joined the course. The journey involves uncovering your pleasure map and erotic type, healing limiting beliefs and learning to express desire and pleasure verbally and through body language.

You can benefit from the course if you:

  • Lost passion due to sexual incompatibility in a long-term relationship
  • Are excited to explore what else is possible in your sex life and erotic expression
  • Can't get out of your head to enjoy pleasure
  • Have major communication issues in your sex life
  • Have shame around desire and sexuality

Module 1 Foundations for Sexy Success

Module 2 Core Erotic Blueprints

Module 3 Deliciously Determining Blueprints

Module 4 Frequently Feeding Blueprints

Module 5 Seductively Speaking Blueprints

Module 6 Holistically Healing Blueprints

Module 7 Expertly Expanding Blueprints

Module 8 Hot Sex For A Lifetime

Erotic Blueprint™ Offers

I want self-paced practice at home.

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