What Blocks Intimacy?

Many couples love each other and have overcome many challenges in their relationship but may find that the intimate connection or sexual fulfillment has diminished. You may struggle with

  • Different turn-ons between partners

  • Mismatched libidos and intimacy desires

  • Tension and judgment arising from communication about intimacy and sex

  • Low level of emotional intimacy, sex, and erotic connection

Many of us have studied business and professional communication, but lack the awareness and skills to express our intimate needs and erotic desires. When attempting to address these issues, frustration often arises because:

  • You struggle to express your needs, making it challenging for your partner to understand your desires, OR

  • Although you can talk extensively, it is difficult to shift from rational problem-solving to erotic connection.

The issues are not simply incompatibility but stem from a lack of embodied practice, and no specific language to understand and communicate each other's turn-ons and turn-offs.

Additionally, issues such as disconnecting from the body, overwhelming stress, and personal trauma can affect our presence, desire, and libidos.

The intimacy problem is just the tip of the iceberg. The underlying factors involve authentic relating, personal healing, and connecting with our sexuality.

Consequently, it's not surprising that intimacy and sex may fade in relationships over time. Common issues include a libido mismatch, sexless marriage, and misaligned desires.

The good news is that as you start resolving these issues, it targets not just intimacy but has a ripple effect on all aspects of your relationships.

My Couples Coaching Framework

Focus On The Keys

  • Discover Your Needs From Your Body, NOT from your head: deepen your emotional safety, know your pleasure, and meet your erotic self

  • Build A New Bridge: Articulate your needs authentically and foster your curiosity to understand each other's pleasure and arousal

  • Experiment and Play: Create new ways of communication and learn erotic skills to nurture a non-judgmental space and playfulness

Leverage Erotic Blueprint™

The Erotic Blueprint is a modern study and framework to uncover your sex language and your body's pleasure map. It is featured in the Netflix series "Sex, Love & Goop" in over 190 countries in 32 languages. Check out the media coverage below.

As a certified Erotic Blueprint coach, I help couples get deeper connection, intimacy, and satisfaction including but not limited to

  • Uncover your body’s pleasure map, turn-ons, and turn-offs. You discover what is true to you!

  • Confidently give and receive pleasure because you know what you want and how to ask for it.

  • Experience the sexual fulfillment, connection, and healing that touches your body and heart

  • Become your own best lover and get more of the pleasure you want

  • Better understand the sex language and intimate needs of your partner, and co-create deep intimacy

Embrace Tantric Sexuality

Tantric sexuality, i.e. neo-tantra, is the Western interpretation of Tantra. Neo-tantra applies ancient Tantric practices to intimate connection. Through these practices, people experience increased energy flow, sensation, and presence, which improves the quality of sex and intimacy.

As a certified Tantra Educator, I wave modern sexuality studies and ancient wisdom together to help people gain freedom and embodiment to communicate and achieve their desires.

Media Coverage On Erotic Blueprint

Client Testimonials

"We began the process with Jin a few months ago, and we’re highly satisfied. I came to Jin with my wife after having real difficulties in recent years in sexual alignment and communication.  The conversations with Jin and the session were eye-opening. We found our sync again, we’re able to speak to each other in a clearer and simpler language, and we understand much more that we have different types of sexual wirings, and that requires adjustments from both sides. 

Since our session, the frequency of our sex encounters jumped. We spent a few hours with Jin in person and there is no replacement for that guidance with mere online calls. She was empathetic, sensible, and considerate, and helped us to open up very quickly to her and each other. Can’t recommend Jin enough!"


Senior Executive

"My partner and I had an immersion with Jin, and the experience was excellent. She tailored the session based on our needs and learning styles. We felt safe exploring intimate topics, learning new touch skills, and opening up to deep listening and authentic relating.

The session was in-depth and diverse. We walked away with memorable experiences and practical techniques for communication, touch, and intimate connection. We are satisfied customers and highly recommend her to any couples who want to build better intimacy."



"My wife surprised me with a couples immersion session with Jin for my birthday. Jin created a safe space for growth and expansion.

She is thorough, knowledgeable, and intuitive! My wife and I highly recommend working with her. Thank you for your gifts!"


Public Educator and Speaker


"I highly recommend Jin! She is a compassionate, insightful and wise sex coach. Pleasure education is so needed, and it's difficult to find a practitioner who is knowledgeable, safe, inspiring and easy to learn from. Jin is all of those!

She is clearly passionate about the topic. Her style is interactive, experiential, and educational, and I came away with several AHAs!! She creates a caring and shame-free, judgment-free space, where it's easy to speak on taboo topics, to have a felt-sense experience, and learn how to let more pleasure into my life and have better relationships."


"I attended Jin's Erotic Blueprint online session. It opened my eyes to learn about the different erotic types and understand there are so much potential to enhance my intimate connections.

What impressed me most are Jin's professionalism, passion and energy. Intimacy is not an easy topics even with loved ones, but Jin has a special gift to engage her audience and makes you feel safe and comfortable to open up. She truly cares and wants to help others overcome their obstacles and acquire the pleasure they deserve. I highly recommend her if you hope to open up possibilities for a more enjoyable love life."

Couple Coaching Offer


erotic blueprint coach jin

Immersion can be designed as a 3-hour session, one-day retreat, or one-weekend retreat, depending on the learning style and your goal(s). 3-hours can be online or in person. One day or weekend immersion is in person.

I leverage Erotic Blueprint™ and Tantric sexuality to help couples experiment with erotic touches, body connection, and effective communication for deep intimacy. This is for you if you face some typical issues such as:

  • You love each other but feel disconnected in intimacy and sex.

  • You have challenges identifying and expressing what you need and want emotionally and sexually.

  • You don't resonate with the typical sexual personas in the mainstream media but are unsure how to uncover yours.

  • You want to introduce sacred sexuality into their sex and love life and ignite your passion.

You will discover new erogenous zones, pleasure sensations, and effective ways to express your desires with each other. The session is body-based.

You will take away effective intimacy skills and communication ways that can be implemented in daily life. Please send your inquiry to jin@theladyjin.com.

Private Couples Coaching

Customized and Consistent Support

It is a 6-month journey, combining 1:1 coaching with each partner and 2:1 couple session, my consistent active support for both parties throughout the times. All are highly customized for your situation, desires, and learning style. The delivery can be all online, online and in-person.

  • This is best suited for committed couples, who have done therapy OR life coaching before. Apply and book your complimentary intake call below. I will present the proposal and cost based on our intake call discussion.

  • If you have NO experience with therapy or coaching, I recommend you start with my immersion. Send your immersion inquiry to jin@theladyjin.com.

Erotic Blueprint Meets Tantric Sexuality

Combining modern Erotic Blueprint and ancient Tantric sexuality to help people gain freedom and skills to communicate and achieve their desires.

Erotic Blueprint presents the five erotic types and examines four pathways that either promote or reduce pleasure. Whether exploring your sexuality as a single or doing it with your partner, this is a comprehensive, practical, and fun journey.

Solo and Couple Practices For Holistic Intimacy

You will have tailored solo practices and couple's games together We cover emotional connection, mindset issues, and erotic skill sets to create lasting changes. The process and practices address body, mind, eroticism, and energy.

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough


(Created by the founder, Jaiya)

The only official course on Erotic Blueprint

5000+ students have enrolled in the course as of 2022

Exclusive access to the Erotic Freedom Club

Meet like-minded people for community and connection

Exclusive teaching in monthly events

Ongoing Q&A and coaching on skills and pleasure mastery

Articles and Resources on Intimacy and Empowerment

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