Blog On Mind Body And Intimacy

natural confidence with ease

This is an essential guide for women to know what sexual confidence is and debunk the limiting beliefs. You will learn natural ways to boost the confidence

mind body connection

To align body and mind is to allow the body's innate intelligence to impulse you toward the right actions and intuitive knowing. It also refers to creating emotional and physical health by intentionally directing thought, "Where attention goes, energy flows."

highly sensitive people in love

Sensitive people have many unique and invaluable gifts to offer that can be easily overlooked. Intimacy is a place where the sensitive shines. Sensitivity is a precious gift that should be celebrated, not pushed to the edges of our culture. They are attentive to their partner's needs, receptive and empathetic.

fear or love driven

We want love, yet our actions are often driven by fear. We are driven by fear to create things that we expect will bring us, love. There is even more fear in relationships.

You may worry about your performance or body image but forget your presence, which is the key to connection and intimacy.

Articles on Somatic Healing and Pleasure Education

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