My Story

I am a sensitive introvert and came to this work after a 16-year career as a business professional in global corporations.

I didn't understand my sensitive nature for a long time. I was used to living in my headspace and was motivated by social standards and peer pressure. On one side, I was proud of my achievements in highly competitive environments, such as receiving a full scholarship, my business director title, and diverse hobbies.

However, in my personal life, I didn't have access to the light side of my sensitive nature and was weighed down by the shadow side. I lacked self-trust and confidence and judged my sensitive nature as wrong. I felt unseen and unsafe in self-expression. I acted as who I thought I was supposed to be in dating and repeated the unfulfilling roles of rescuer or strong independent woman in relationships.

I tried talking, meditation, and emotion relating methods until I discovered the root cause was not in just one area, but was at the intersection of my body, mind, and sexuality. On the journey to connect with my body and sexuality, I not only acquired the sense of trust and safety to speak up in all my relationships, but my body showed me how amazing it is to regularly cherish myself for being sensual, sexual, and orgasmic.

When we are confident with our body, feelings, and pleasure, we feel safe showing up and sharing our gifts without fear.

Why I do this work

My wakeup moment was when I realized my mind knew how to be confident and strong on the cognitive level, but my body was frozen. I shrunk in relationships.

I couldn't trust myself or my partners to build the close relationships I desired. I was afraid to speak up for what I wanted romantically and sexually but hoped my partners would somehow figure it out for me. I had so much pain in not knowing how to be confident, free, and satisfied in intimacy. I secretly yearned for the depth of connection but didn't know how to make the needed changes.

After many years of trials and errors, I know that the way to have real confidence and deep intimacy in love, sex, and relationship is through a holistic approach to addressing the mind, emotions, body, and sexuality. I now integrate my transformation, knowledge, and intuition to support my clients. My business background and personal development journey create a balance of sensitivity, focus, and clarity when holding clients.

My mission is to help unlock your light and power so you can have a positive impact on all your relationships. I bring curiosity, down-to-earth problem-solving skills, and intelligence to clarify complicated issues and leverage simple yet effective methods in daily life. As a coach, I am committed to walking alongside you on your journey and to helping you access light-heartedness, pleasure, and full expression.

Certification and Training

I incorporate modern Western sexuality studies, nervous system knowledge, and trauma education with Eastern ancient wisdom from Tantra and Taoism to form a holistic approach to remove the blocks that prevent people from accessing the love and intimacy they desire.

I blend together a variety of coaching modalities and extensive study of mindset and energy into my service so as to find the suitable and effective combination to help my clients.

VITA is a leading global sex, love, and relationship coaching program. It stands for The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach. Before being certified, I had over 1000-hours learning and practicing the VITA core methodology with dual majors in male sexuality and female sexuality. This is link to my coach profile.

To address the dynamic of erotic types, blocks of sexual satisfaction, and the different stages of connecting with our pleasure, I studied with Jaiya, the founder of Erotic Blueprint™, and am certified as an Erotic Blueprint coach. This method is featured in the Netflix series "Sex, Love & Goop" in over 32 languages. click to see my coach profile.

I leverage the frontier psychospiritual method, Accelerated Evolution (AE), to relieve emotional charges, transform mental stresses, and rewire limiting beliefs. Rather than repeatedly processing the same stories, AE offers a truly transformative way to access clarity and self-realization by assisting you to release what is stuck in your energy and body. Click to see the method introduction.

Tantric art and healing play an essential role in deepening one's relationship with sensuality, sexuality, and the light and shadow sides of our body-mind. I am a certified Tantra Educator (Level 2) with Source School of Tantra, the oldest Tantra school in the US. This is the link to my educator profile.

More Training

Additionally, I have studied Taoism with Mantak Chia, sacred sexuality with Ma Ananda Sarita, energetic patterns based on Wilhelm Reich's Characterology, Non-Violent Communication, Positive Intelligence, and power dynamics in relationships.

Since 2013 I have been practicing Zen meditation. Before becoming a coach, I had a business management role at several global corporations in Beijing and NYC, with an MBA degree from Babson College. Above all, I am a life-long student of human connection and fulfillment.

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