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Jin (she/her). I am an introvert and transitioned to this work after a 16-year career as a business professional in global corporations. As a first-generation immigrant to America, I was accustomed to living in my head, motivated by social standards and peer pressure, proud of achievements like receiving a full scholarship, a business director title, and engaging in diverse hobbies.

However, in my personal life, I lacked self-trust and confidence, often feeling unseen and suppressed. In dating and relationships, I found myself stuck in the recurring pattern of playing unfulfilling roles, either the overcompensating rescuer or the strong independent woman.

To unstuck the patterns, I explored various methods, including cognitive talking methods and meditation, until I uncovered the root cause at the intersection of my body, mind, and sexuality. Tantra coaching and teaching opened up a transformative journey for me.

Not only did I gain a solid sense of trust and safety to express myself in all my relationships authentically, but my body revealed the joy of regularly cherishing myself as a sensual, sexual, and orgasmic being.

Why I do The Work

My wake-up moment occurred when I could no longer deny my unfulfillment, hesitating to voice my desires and clinging to the hope that my partners would somehow figure out what I needed. The pain of not knowing my wants and struggling to feel confident, liberated, and satisfied in intimacy became overwhelming.

The experiment with a holistic approach to addressing my mind, body, and sexuality freed me from living in my head and being repressed. Meanwhile, I observed a lack of education on relationships, body connection, and emotional awareness not only in my traditional education but in many others as well. The realization led me to pursue this career that I genuinely enjoy. It makes a real impact on human connection. I witness my growth daily while doing it.

My business background and personal development journey contribute to a balanced approach, blending sensitivity, focus, and structure. I provide public workshops and private coaching. You can explore the full range of services offered.

As a coach, my commitment is to walk alongside you on your journey, assisting you in accessing light-heartedness, pleasure, and full expression. Check out my interview Here.


I incorporate modern Western sexuality studies, nervous system knowledge, and trauma education with Eastern wisdom to form a holistic Tantra coaching approach to the mind, body, and sexuality.

Currently, I am in the practitioner training program with Somatic Experiencing® on somatic healing and trauma resolution.

VITA is a leading global sex, love, and relationship coaching program, leveraging Tantra coaching philosophy. It stands for The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach. I had 1000+ hours of practicing the methodology, majoring in male sexuality and female sexuality. My VITA coach profile

erotic blueprint coach logo

To address the dynamic of erotic types and blocks of sexual satisfaction, I studied with Jaiya, the founder of Erotic Blueprint™, and am certified as an Erotic Blueprint (EB) coach. This method is featured in the Netflix series "Sex, Love & Goop" in over 32 languages. My EB coach profile

Accelerated Evolution (AE) is a frontier psychospiritual method to relieve emotional charges and rewire limiting beliefs. AE offers a truly transformative way to access clarity and self-realization by releasing what is stuck in your energy and body. My AE coach profile

source school of tantra

Tantric art plays an essential role in deepening one's relationship with sensuality and sexuality. It helps integrate the light and shadow sides in us. I am a certified Tantra Educator (Level 2) with Source School of Tantra, the oldest Tantra school in the US. My Educator profile

More Training

Additionally, I have studied Taoism with Mantak Chia, sacred sexuality with Ma Ananda Sarita, energetic patterns based on Wilhelm Reich's Characterology, Non-Violent Communication, and power dynamics in relationships.

I have been a Zen meditation practitioner since 2013. Before becoming a coach, I worked in business management at several global corporations and received an MBA degree from Babson College. Above all, I am a life-long student of human connection.

Articles on Somatic Healing and Pleasure Education

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