I help you to be

confident and connected

in the bedroom & in life

Hey, I am Lady Jin, a Confidence and Intimacy Coach.

I am professionally trained and certified in Female and Male Sexuality, Erotic Blueprint, and Neo-Tantra.

I fuse Eastern somatic practices with modern Western science to help men and women uplift their confidence and intimacy quality.

Getting what you desire in sex and love starts with changing your inner relationship on the physical, psychological, and emotional levels.

Unfortunately, most of us grew up with the influence of pop-culture media and didn't have proper sex education. As a result, we fake confidence or orgasm, feel lost, defeated, or frustrated, and make the same mistakes over and over, in different relationships.

It is time to cultivate self-mastery with your sexuality! I am here to support you 100%. My clients feel undeniably confident, sexy, and connected. So check out what they have to say…


"Working with Lady Jin has an enormous impact on the way I related to my relationships. I get more intimacy and more energy. I feel much more powerful in all aspects of my life, not in a macho way but in an effortless way. Now I have much greater ways of attracting and nourishing intimacy in my life. It is almost a kind of magic result I attribute to working with her."


Creative Director

"I have done a lot of personal development work for years but couldn't figure out why things were falling apart.

Jin was so intuitive, compassionate, and gently uncovering what was going on in me. Now my life is exquisite. I feel a sense of power, can make things happen, and have peace and joy."


Strategic EA

"I worked with Lady Jin for a few months, and it is a life-altering experience. A fundamental breakthrough is finding and recognizing my inner source. Now I am never in a place of lack. To recognize my inner power is an incredible breakthrough. It has absolutely positive influence on my love life, sex, and relationships."


Performance Artist

"Working with Jin has taken my self-work to a new level. The thing I love the most was her simple and empowering techniques that really helped me love my body and dig into my deep desires.

Now for sure, I feel 100% worthy of my love and desires. It has been a very healing and liberating experience for me."


Healthcare Professional

"I discovered my blind spots and limiting beliefs while working with Jin. I learned Tantric and Taoism practices to uplift my energy and boost my sex life. Jin is fantastic at holding a safe and shame-free space. I feel open to expressing my challenges and desires.

My favorite part is her holistic approach to combining neuroscience, Tantra, and much more. The practices are customized for my needs and easy to follow. She is very professional and approachable. I highly recommend her."

Mr. Wang

Founder & CEO

"Working with Jin on the relationship with myself brought me a lot of insights and self realization. Jin is professional, passionate, mindful and intelligent throughout our sessions.

She is also diligent in her follow up and communications. She assigned tailored exercises specific to my needs between session which helped me integrate my new way of being into my everyday life. I gained tremendous inner peace and became much calmer in approaching self discovery. Thank you, Jin"


Director, Product Management

"Jin was incredibly joyful and supportive. She is very intuitive and helped me to clearly identify some blockages that have been holding me back.

In the exercises, I was amazed to feel the power of physically moving my body in different ways as a gateway to deeper insights in my mind. I felt very supported in the sessions and loved how much space and warmth Jin provided."


VP, Digital Transformation

"Jin’s coaching brought me a lot of clarity in my life that I had been subconsciously avoiding for quite some time. She was so professional, kind, flexible, intuitive and understanding within our sessions and in our follow-up.

The insight that I was able to gain through working with her, and the connection that she helped grow between myself and my physical being, are things that I will be taking forward as I continue to navigate life. "


Int'l Education Professional



I was taught growing up to be kind, nice and hardworking. In 2006, I left China and came to the States to pursue my graduate degree in Business, and from day one, I excelled, at least by traditional standards. I received a full M.B.A scholarship, got a great corporate job at a highly reputable company, even during the financial crisis, and settled in the business capital of the world, New York City.

After achieving many of my goals, including making it to the Business Director level, I found that my willpower had reached a ceiling despite having built a positive mindset and regular meditation practice.

The misalignment between what I thought I wanted and who I was becoming got bigger. My mind and body were in constant conflict. At first, I balanced work with hobbies and travel. That helped to distract me from the gnawing feeling that something was missing for a while, but underneath I still felt unfulfilled. In short, life looked good but it didn’t feel good.

After some painful setbacks, I went on a deep journey of self-inquiry without a clear idea of what I was aiming for. The thing that moved the needle for me was engaging in Tantric body-based practices to quiet down the thinking brain and engage my emotions and body.

I discovered that I was barely connected to my body and pleasure. My need for approval from others had concealed my deeper desires and kept me in avoidance of my shadow side. The feelings I had buried or run away from throughout my life were manifesting in my intimate relationships.

I immersed myself in the exploration of my ecstasy as well as my light and dark sides. Now I recognize my eros and shadow are the sources of my power and uniqueness. Today I am living a life that inspires me and fills me up, celebrates my pleasure, gives full permission to my yes and no.

The connection of my mind and body supports me to hold healthy boundaries, allow me to show up compassionately without losing myself, speak up for my desires, and act from the core of who I am. The connection of my sexuality and spirituality expands my intimacy compacity and profoundly enhances my mindfulness.

Along my journey, I witnessed many intelligent people who shared similar struggles and disconnected with their pleasure and body. Our traditional education says little to nothing about sexuality and intimacy, depending on where in the world you live, even though they are so important to our vitality and quality of life.

In order to help others experience their own transformation, I sought trainings with some of the top teachers in Tantra, Taoism, sexuality, power dynamics, and mindset through thousands of hours of study and practice. The joy of my work comes from client-time, coaching men and women to experience self-acceptance, fulfillment, and their true erotic nature.


Certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

(900+ hours training on the core principle plus Male Sexuality & Female Sexuality majors)

Certified Accelerated Evolution (AE) Coach

(AE contains Psychospiritual Methodologies to relieve and transform mental stresses and emotional blockages.)

Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach

Certified Tantra Educator by Source School of Tantra

M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) – Babson College

Training Highlight

Sacred Sexuality with Ma Ananda Sarita

Taoism with Mantak Chia

Dom/Sub Power Dynamics with OM Rupani & Midori

Multiyear Energetic Patterns based on Wilhelm Reich's energy theory

Positive Intelligence with Shirzad Chamine

Non-Violent Communication Intensives with NYCNVC & Robert Gonzales