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Empowerment From Mind-body Alignment

Hey, I am Jin! I help people claim their authenticity and pleasure in love, sex, and relationships by healing wounds on intimacy, rewiring limiting beliefs related to sexuality, and fostering authentic self-expression.


From Living in My Head to Aligning with Body Wisdom

Before coaching, I had a 16-year career in the business world and graduated with an MBA degree. I became an intimacy coach after undergoing transformative healing work to connect with my body and sexuality holistically.

I serve English-speaking and Chinese-speaking clients via video coaching, in-person coaching, and workshops in NYC. Most of my clients are corporate professionals, highly creative people, or those with an Asian cultural background.

Sexual empowerment and intimacy coaching is meaningful work and helps people

  • Empower and align the body and mind for authentic expression and self-love

  • Rewire and heal limiting beliefs with their bodies and sexuality

  • Ignite sensuality and expand their capacity for pleasure

  • Resolve performance anxiety

  • Create fulfilling and nourishing relationships with loved ones

I specialize in the following. (Check out the full services here)

Empowerment Coaching For Individuals

  • Heal wound on love and sexuality, claim your pleasure & self-expression

Deep Intimacy Coaching For Couples

  • Support couples to forge desires and intimate connection

Client Testimonials

"Working with Jin has an enormous impact on the way I relate to my relationships. I get more intimacy and more energy. I feel much more powerful in all aspects of my life, not in a macho way but in an effortless way. Now I have much greater ways of attracting and nourishing intimacy in my life. It is almost a kind of magic result I attribute to working with her."


Creative Director

"I worked with Jin for a few months, and it was a life-altering experience. A fundamental breakthrough is finding and recognizing my inner source. Now I am never in a place of lack. To recognize my inner power is an incredible breakthrough. It has an absolutely positive influence on my love life, sex, and relationships."


Performance Artist

"I have done a lot of personal development work for years but couldn't figure out why things were falling apart.

Jin was so intuitive, compassionate, and gently uncovering what was going on in me. Now my life is exquisite. I feel a sense of empowerment, can make things happen, have peace and joy."


Strategic EA

"Working with Jin has taken my self-work to a new level. The thing I love the most was her simple and empowering techniques that really helped me love my body and dig into my deep desires. Now I feel 100% worthy of my love and desires. It has been a very healing and liberating experience for me."


Healthcare Professional

“Before I started working with Jin, I was stressed out in my relationship and felt anxious in my work environment.

Now my romantic relationship life is a lot healthier and I feel naturally confident at my work and in all my relationships.

I highly recommend her! The result I got is beyond my expectation.”



"I was stuck in a negative feedback loop where the body response would lead to negative thoughts, which would lead to another body response. I was really desperate to do anything that could break this cycle. I really recommend Jin. She's amazing and warm. I hope she's able to help you find the peace, just like she did with me."


Tech Developer

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